Mint Patchouli Clay Soap


4 Bar Set

Our Mint Patchouli Clay Soap combines organic essential oils of spearmint and patchouli to pleasantly awaken your senses.

Motto Clay Soaps are crafted from our proprietary formula designed for the perfect balance of lather, cleansing and slip paired with detoxifying natural clays and targeted essential oils.

  • Olive oil softens and smoothes
  • Coconut oil creates a rich lather
  • Shea butter add richness and moisture

    Motto products truly care for your skin and you experience a joy knowing you are applying such natural goodness to your body. I ensure my entire family only uses Motto 100% natural soaps because I know it's wonderful for their skin. 


    Avoid contact with eyes.  If contact occurs, flush thoroughly with water.  External use only.  Contains clays which may stain fabric.

    Made in USA
    net wt. 4 x 4.5 oz. (127.57g)