Oil Cleansing

Clean your face with oil?  Yes.  Absolutely. 

Don't be afraid.  You will love the changes you see in your skin after you switch to an oil cleanser.  Why?  There are two primary reasons:

Your Skin Needs Oil:

As the body's largest organ, your skin has a lot of jobs.  One is protection.  Skin protects your body and itself.  The oil your skin produces (sebum) serves to protect the skin from moisture loss, keeping it soft and supple.  Good thing, right?  And, sebum contains great things like vitamin E, triglycerides, diglycerides, and fatty acids - all great for skin.

Sebum becomes a problem when your skin overproduces it, which can lead to shiny skin and blemishes.  Even if your skin isn't overproducing, these skin oils pick up dirt and contaminants as you go about your day, and your face needs to be cleaned.

The problem with most facial cleansers is that whether you use a soap-based cleanser or a synthetic detergent, both strip your skin of its natural oils.  This sends your skin into oil-production mode.  The skin must be protected at all costs, so over-stripping your skin may cause it to over-produce oils, which in turn might cause you to use more soap and detergent to fight your oily skin.  It's a vicious cycle.

Oil cleansing, however, cleans your face without leaving it unprotected for even a moment.  Clean and nutrient-rich oils are massaged into your skin and bond with the dirt, oil, and bacteria lodged on the surface and in your pores.  Your skin is cleansed without being stripped.

Your Skin Needs a Healthy pH:

Your skin is slightly acidic.  The acid mantle is a film on the surface of skin which acts as a barrier to bacteria, as bacteria will only grow in an alkaline environment.  When we clean our skin with an alkaline product, we alter our skin's pH slightly.  This balance will return within a relatively short period of time, often within 1-3 hours, but this upsetting of the balance can cause dryness, irritate skin, and leave it exposed to bacteria.  All of this, in turn, can result in overproduction of oil as the skin works as fast as it can to return to a balanced state. 

Motto's Oil Cleansers all have a pH that closely resembles the skin's normal pH, avoiding disruption of the acid mantle, and resulting in a gentle and effective facial cleansing.  

When making the switch to the oil cleansing method (OCM), some individuals report a temporary adjustment period of about 1 week as your skin adjusts to a new regimen.  If are thinking of trying oil cleansing, it's important to note that you should not clean your face with just any oil.  Different oils have different fatty acid profiles and may not be appropriate for your skin type.  Motto's Oil Cleansers contain safe and effective blends of amazing botanical oils at just the right ratio for you.

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